Meet the Maker: Wilfred

Meet Wilfred, he’s one of our makers here at Alpha XR. We asked him a few questions to help you get to know who it is who makes your Alpha XR.


Hi Wilfred.

What’s your job role at Alpha XR?

I am the leather production Manager here at Alpha XR. That means as well as making the leather products, I also help create patterns and designs and oversee the production of all our leather products in general. 

How long have you worked at Alpha XR Wilfred?

Just over 6 years now. Before this I was working for another accessories brand making more traditionally influenced leather goods. 


Why do you like working at Alpha XR?

Probably my favorite thing about working for Alpha XR is the way I am able to express my passion for art and creativity in the my work. We are encouraged to let our own ideas come through in our work. 

And are there any skills in particular you feel you have gained from working at Alpha XR?

Before working for Alpha XR I had never worked in jewellery production – which I now love! It’s totally different to working with leather.
I have also been able to expand my leather work skills by developing a wider product range such as sandals and bags. 

What is your favourite Alpha XR piece?

I probably like the Buy erectile dysfunction pillsas it takes such skill to make and looks really great when worn. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Having been born in Maasai land, I love to be outside, walking and exploring. Kenya is such a beautiful country. 

Ngong Hills

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself Wilfred?

My family are Maasai and I currently live in Ngong, a small town on Maasai land on the slopes of the Ngong Hills.  

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